When I started hatha yoga practice with Nicole I was very impressed with her command of the postures and the importance of proper placement of the  hands, feet, limbs, neck and correct positions of the back and spine.  Her knowledge of the anatomy is equally impressive.  
A few years ago I started to feel an uncomfortable pain in my right knee.  At that time Nicole had also started teaching the yin practice of yoga.  After a few weeks of the yin practice my knee discomfort vanished.  

Nicole is an extremely responsible, capable, caring and creative teacher.  

Mildred Kemp

Nicole was my first teacher in a Beginners Series class.  She made me feel comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable the very first day.  I have continued to attend Nicole's classes because of these same reasons.  There are no expectations for ability, but she is also not afraid to "push" you (or gently guide you) to where she thinks you can be.  Nicole can teach a mixed level class with explanations and demonstrations for the beginners, while helping the intermediate students go to the next level at the same time.  She is helpful with individual needs - physical pain/injuries - taking the time to show where yoga can be adapted in these areas.

Cary Hanna

Nicole has helped me to start and continue a very rewarding yoga practice.  I am a breast cancer survivor and Nicole has helped me to regain range of motion where I have had surgery.  She also encouraged me to deepen and continue my practice when I wasn’t sure that I wanted to.  Due to her continued support, I am starting to take teacher training to help others follow down the path. 

I have also seen Nicole work with students who had physical disabilities and help them increase their flexibility.  I’m not saying it’s always an easy journey but nothing that makes you stronger ever is.I respect Nicole’s ability and teaching methods.  I learn something new in every class even if it is how to calm myself down in a pose.  Nicole can teach to a room of different ability yogis and still get everyone to push to their own ability.

Traci D'Antoni


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