Nicole Soteropoulos

Yoga With Nicole will take you on an adventure into the core of your being. Nicole's purpose is to use Yoga as a healing tool to restore one to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical potential.  You are the Whole!

Nicole is available for private classes, groups, and corporate classes.

 Why Yoga? Yoga can help you cope with stress, improves proprioreception, regulates sleep patterns, heart rate, blood pressure, increases oxygen levels, and increases vagal nerve tone. Yoga improves strength, flexibility, coordination, builds and maintains bone mass, assists with weight loss, increases awareness, concentration, endurance, and can improve overall feelings of well being and health. 

Nicole is currently taking appointments for private Yoga lessons.  Call to inquire. 


Yoga Louisville's location:

The Dancer's Pointe 

207 La Grange Rd. Pewee Valley KY, 40056

Classes Offered:

Saturday 10:00 am - 11:15 am

$99 6 Class Session

6 Week Session January 4, 2020- February 8, 2020

All levels Traditional Hatha Yoga 

The mind becomes purified by cultivating friendships with contented people, by being kind and compassionate to the sad and fearful, by being indifferent to the ill-intentioned, and by being accommodating to the well-meaning~ Yoga Sutras I.33


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